With the precision of a Japanese Sushi bar, and the fresh appeal of an old-fashioned Italian deli, Lenwich is widely known as the “ultimate sandwich” in New York City. This is the story of how Lenwich became a way of life for so many satisfied New Yorkers.

83rd Street Grand Opening

September 5th, 1989 marked the beginning of the Lenwich story. On that day Lenny began working in a small, undistinguished sandwich shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. From the moment Lenny began working, he endeavored to make the shop into something extraordinary.

Within six months Lenny and his brother had bought the store and transformed it into what became Lenny’s Gourmet at 83rd Street & Columbus Avenue. Lenny’s quickly became a staple of New York’s dining sceneknown for its fresh, made-to-order specialty sandwiches and gracious service.

April 2003

Lenwich 54th Street

54th Street Opening

October 2005

Lenwich 23rd Street

23rd Street Opening

October 2006

Lenwich 43rd Street

43rd Street Opening

May 2007

Lenwich 68th Street

68th Street Opening

May 2009

Lenwich 30 Rock

30 Rock Opening

November 2012

Lenwich 32 Water Street

32 Water Street Opening

December 2013

Lenwich Hanover Street

Hanover Opening

August 2014

Lenwich 40th Street

40th Street Opening

October 2016

Lenwich 96th Street

96th Street Opening

April 1998

Lenwich 74th Street

74th Street Opening

November 2004

Lenwich 77th Street

77th Street Opening

November 2005

Lenwich 48th Street

48th Street Opening

March 2007

Lenwich 9th Street

9th Street Opening

September 2008

Lenwich 55th Street

55th Street Opening

December 2009

Lenwich One Penn

One Penn Opening

April 2013

Lenwich Grand Central

Grand Central Opening

January 2014

Lenwich Park Place

Park Place Opening

February 2015

Lenwich 31st Street

31st Street Opening

After catching the hearts of New Yorkersmillions of Lenwich sandwiches are consumed yearly around the cityLenwich is ready to tantalize the tastebuds and crack down on the cravings of even morelook out for new locations from Battery Park City to the Bowery and beyond.

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