Hero of the MonthStacy F.

Stacy F. typically likes to eat out on her lunch break, while enjoying the 'hustle & bustle' of New York City. Pictured here, she was discovered at the heart of Herald Square - with her favorite #11 Vegetarian... and was in the moment of making her friend/colleague into a Lenny's fan.
See the Sandwich Story for the Vegetarian

Hero of the MonthChristian B.

Christian B. is a loyal regular at our Lenny's One Penn Plaza location (right next to Madison Square Garden). Throughout the year, we have become more familiar with his face from his social media activity on Twitter & Instagram - emphasizing his love & support for OUR sammies!

Displayed in the picture, Christian B. happily won a bet from his lady friend, to fulfill his craving at Lenny's. Although she is showing off her sad face, Christian B. quickly turned that frown upside down, once he gave her his other half of his Chickavo.

We salute Christian B. for turning New Yorkers into Lenny's lovers, one day at a time! See the Sandwich Story for the Chickavo
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